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Shoreham-by-Sea, is a historic town with a centre with many beautiful old cottage that reflect the architecture of its fishing history. The town and port of Shoreham was established by the Norman conquerors towards the end of the 11th century, although St Nicolas’ Church is partly Anglo-Saxon in its construction.

Shoreham is quite small and has its own micro-culture. Yet the town is vibrant and there are some stunning new developments along its riverside and harbour front. It is a unique area with the natural features of its tidal river, an active harbour and commercial port.

With nearby Brighton and Hove prices amongst some of the highest in the area, Shoreham offers a not-so-far from the city small-town experience, popular with surfers, paddle-boarders and windsurfers.

Some would say that living there is like being on holiday all year round, and who wouldn’t want that?