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Pete Goddard

I am primarily a Graphic Designer, and so all of my drawings tend to have a graphic feel to them. 

I started pencil drawings a few years ago, drawing portraits. There is something deeply satisfying about the simplicity of using only a pencil to create art. As a Graphic Designer, I was able to digitally colour the drawings, many of the scenes on this site started as purely pencil drawings that were later coloured on the computer.

I now use an Apple iPad Pro with a digital pencil. This has introduced me to ‘mixed media’ whereby traditional sketching and painting can be combined with image manipulation to achieve some dynamic results.

I still have a day job – so if you are looking for Design, Print, Mailing Solutions, Web Design or Book Publishing, check out our website at

Photo restoration

Old photos can hold some of our most precious memories, but over time they can become damaged or simply fade. I can restore your cherished photos, enhance them and add colour to them, bringing them back to life so that they look like they were photographed today!
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