Lancing College

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Lancing College is a public school for pupils aged 13–18 located east of Worthing near the village of Lancing, on the south coast of England. The school was founded in 1848 educates around 600 boys to girls.

The college is situated on a hill which is part of the South Downs, and the campus dominates the local landscape. The college overlooks the River Adur, and the Ladywell Stream, a holy well or sacred stream within the College grounds, has pre-Christian significance.

It is best known locally for the college chapel which is a landmark in the area. The foundation stone of the college chapel was laid in 1868, but the chapel itself was not finished for many years. The unfinished west end of the chapel was completed in the summer of 2021 with the addition of an open three-arched porch.

It is widely acknowledge it as the largest school chapel in the world, despite the fact that there appears to be no study or survey publicly available that can confirm this.